Who can become a member of GSDA?

Any graduate of a Higher Educational Institution with proven interest and scientific activity in the field of Data Analysis can join GSDA. Applicants may become full, corresponding or honorary members of GSDA.

Permanent residents of Greece, who are at least university graduates and who are actively interested and offer to contribute to the aims of GSDA, may apply to become full members.

Applicants permanently residing outside Greece are registered as corresponding members under the conditions mentioned above.

Honorary members are proclaimed by the Board of Directors to be researchers who excel in sciences related to the aims of the Society and who have contributed or could contribute to the promotion of these aims.

Registration - Subscription

Registration and acceptance of new members is decided by the Board of Directors, following a written proposal of at least two full GSDA members who recommend the ranking of the candidate among the members of the company.

Each member of the Society pays a one-off subscription fee of 20 euros and an annual subscription fee of 10 euros. The amount of the annual subscription may be adjusted by decision of the Board of Directors.